Upgrade Your Summer Smile with Mouthguards

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If you play any contact sports or are involved in any high-risk activities that put your head, neck, face, or mouth areas in harm’s way, it is important that you wear protective safety gear. One of the most effective forms of protecting your mouth involves mouth guards.

The type of mouth guard you wear is dependent upon your desires and needs. Three common types of mouth guards include custom-made ones, boil and bite guards, and stock guards. Custom-made and boil-and-bite mouth guards are designed to fit your specific dental profile, whereas stock guards are typically the least expensive but often come preformed and will not be customized to your exact smile.

In addition, if you wear braces, it is important to protect them with mouth guards. In some cases, mouthguards can wear down, so if you see signs of wear or if they are damaged, a replacement will be necessary. Younger individuals and teens will need to replace their mouth guards often, as their mouths are currently growing and still changing.

Be sure to wash thoroughly before and after use. Always make sure they are clean before inserting them into your mouth, and never store them in hot water or in the sun. Furthermore, if you have any pets, it is important to store your mouth guards far away so they don’t become a chew toy.

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