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If you’ve ever known anyone with sleep apnea, you’ve likely heard them complain about their treatment options. The bulky CPAP machines are the staple, in a manner of speaking, of sleep apnea treatment.

The truth is, though, that those aren’t the only treatments available. In fact, you have more options now than ever before to treat your sleep issues. One of the best ones – and most affordable, too – is seeking the help of a dentist in treating your sleep apnea.

Why a dentist?
The reason to see a dentists for sleep apnea treatment is due to the fact that these professionals spend their entire careers working with your mouth. And, as luck would have it, many people suffer from sleep apnea due to a poor alignment of their airway. Drs. Toenjes, Brizzee, and Orme, with the years of experience under their belts, can treat this airway issue.

How is it treated?
When you come visit our team at Toenjes, Brizzee and Orme in St. Anthony, Idaho, for help on dealing with sleep apnea, we’ll likely recommend a dental appliance for you to use at night. It’s shaped a lot like a mouthguard, and fits just like one would in your mouth.

What it does, though, is keeps your jaw open at a certain angle that ensures a stable, clear airway all night long. That effectively removes the root cause of sleep apnea.

If you’re ready to regain your sleep and take charge of your life again, call us today at 208-624-3757 for more details.