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Microscopic dark particles from dark foods, dark beverages and tobacco can sometimes adhere to the surfaces of your teeth. If they’re not thoroughly removed by your daily oral hygiene regimen, they could start to saturate into the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel. Once this occurs, the whitening products sold in stores will not have the potency to fully restore the white luster of your smile.

To address a problem of this magnitude, Dr. Gabe Brizze might recommend having a dental bleaching treatment performed at Toenjes, Brizzee and Orme. This is the safest way to effectively remove deep stains from your smile.

Before administering the potent dental bleach, Dr. Gabe Brizze will take measures to protect your gums from potential irritation. Then, they will pour a small amount of concentrated bleaching agent into a special tray that is held in your mouth. Once this is done, they will use a special ultraviolet light to address any minor trouble areas.

Going forward, you might want to consider limiting your consumption of dark beverages and foods and to brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste. This will help you maintain your white smile between dental cleanings and spare you the expense of future dental bleaching treatments.

If you live in St. Anthony, Idaho, and you’re struggling with a deeply stained smile, you should call 208-624-3757 to discuss a dental bleaching treatment with Dr. Gabe Brizze.