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If you suffer from bruxism, how would you know? Bruxism is a condition resulting from excessive wear on your teeth caused by grinding or clenching them together, which is often done while asleep. For many individuals, they grind their teeth while they sleep, also known as sleep bruxism, and thus remain unaware of the harm that is being done.

Do you suffer from teeth grinding? Listed below are some tell-tale ways to spot bruxism:

– Without being aware of it, you can grind, clench, and gnash your teeth, often while asleep, which can wear down smiles over time, resulting in a noticeable, flat look to your teeth.

– If you have teeth that appear to be damaged but you do not how it happened, bruxism could be at fault.

– You may have bruxism if you experience sensitive teeth, dull headaches in your temple area, jaw or face pain, and damage to the inside of your cheek due to chewing.

– Sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea are often seen in individuals with bruxism.

– If you are an adult with mental or physical stress, you may be at an increased risk for bruxism.

Treatment options for individuals with bruxism include mouth guards, night guards, muscle relaxant medications, meditative workouts and exercises, and other stress relievers. If you would like Dr. Gabe Brizze and our team at Toenjes, Brizzee and Orme to see you for an oral health examination, please contact our office in St. Anthony, Idaho, at 208-624-3757. We look forward to helping you maintain your healthy smile!