Dental Veneers Can Help Counter Chronic Dental Staining Problems

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If you frequently consume dark beverages or you enjoy using tobacco products it can easily cause significant dental stains to develop on the teeth in your smile. As it continues to happen, you might feel increasingly frustrated, and wanting a long-term solution that cannot be offered by retail grade whitening products.

In a case like this Dr. John Toenjes might recommend fitting each tooth in your smile with a dental veneer. This will replace the face of each tooth with a thin shell created from a special dental porcelain.

If a tooth has an existing dental filling, a significant dental fracture, or it has suffered from dental attrition, Dr. John Toenjes might recommend restoring it with a porcelain dental crown. This treatment method will completely replace the exterior of the tooth with the same type of dental porcelain used for your dental veneers.

Dr. John Toenjes will prepare any teeth that need a dental crown before creating an impression of each tooth destined for a dental veneer. All of the information will be sent to a professional dental lab where special dental technicians will create the dental veneers and any necessary porcelain dental crowns.

When they are ready, you will need to return to Dr. John Toenjes’s dental office to have the veneers and crowns installed in place.

If you live in the St. Anthony, Idaho, area and you have been struggling to deal with chronic dental staining you should call 208-624-3757 to schedule an appointment at Drs. Toenjes, Brizzee and Orme.