Dr. John Toenjes, Dr. Gabe Brizzee and Dr. Drostan Orme are able to take a closer look at your mouth when we use GALILEOS ComfortPLUS 3D imaging. This advanced system produces the high-resolution images that allow our dentist and team to create precision treatment plans. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our GALILEOS ComfortPLUS 3D imaging in St. Anthony and Ashton, Idaho, from our dentists.

Regular appointments to our office are important because they give us the opportunity to examine your mouth for dental problems. When we catch these problems while they are small, then they are much easier to treat. Our team performs a visual examination and uses digital X-rays to check your mouth, and we also provide 3D imaging. This equipment produces clear, complete images of your teeth, jaw and other structures so we can see more of your mouth and plan treatments with greater accuracy.

We use the GALILEOS 3D imaging system produced by the Sirona Dental Company because it is designed with patient comfort in mind. For one, it outputs very low radiation levels, making it safer for patients. Additionally, the reliable, high-resolution images it creates help us to more easily diagnose problems and plan precision treatments. With this system, we are able to provide our patients with quality dental care. Call our team today if you want to learn more about GALILEOS 3D imaging.