Braces Are Good for Your Teeth

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Braces aren’t a scary process to be wary of. Sure, there’s going to be a bit of discomfort, but you’ll have an incredible result afterwards – a stunning smile that catches the eye of everyone when you walk into a room.

Braces are great for your teeth, but they’re only as good for your teeth as your oral health habits are, as well. If you don’t take care of your oral health while wearing braces, you’ll end up with some problems.

Here at the practice of Drs. Toenjes, Brizzee and Orme in St. Anthony, Idaho, we’re dedicated to helping you through the orthodontic process as smoothly as possible. Part of that is helping you care for your teeth while you’re wearing braces.

Let’s look at a few things our team recommends for caring for your teeth with braces.

Wash and Floss
Mouthwash is a critical part of maintaining great oral health while wearing braces. As great as you are at brushing and flossing (which we’ll get into here in a moment) there’s still bacteria you can’t quite get rid of on your own..

Mouthwash use, though, eliminates the rest of the germs that can cause tooth decay and other issues. You only need to use mouthwash once a day to keep things in order.

You’ll also want to make sure you use flossers created just for cleaning around braces. Our staff can help you find the best products for this process.

Brush after eating
The biggest thing you can do to care for your teeth when wearing braces is to brush after every meal. That seems like a lot of work, but it’s not. Just a quick brush to get rid of the food trapped in your teeth, and you’re good to go!

Caring for your teeth while wearing braces isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. If you have any other questions, please contact us at 208-624-3757 today.